Support participants by donating to the Foundation’s new Environment – Health Fund!

Get closer to nature, to feel better

By launching the Biodiversity Challenge, Space for Life encourages the community to take a moment to go outside, observe nature and take photographs of the fascinating life that surrounds us.

The goal of the Challenge is to collect 100,000 observations by the end of this pandemic year 2020 – but most of all, it’s to ensure that the community gets closer to nature so that each person can start to feel better.

Give to the Foundation, for the benefit of the community’s health

For each of the Challenge’s observations, the Foundation invites donors to contribute $0.01 to its new Environment – Health Fund, to support Space for Life’s activities geared to benefit the mental and physical health of the community.

Each donor can give to a maximum amount of his or her choice, by writing to

A donation receipt will be issued.

Let’s support each other, let’s nurture life!

Space for Life and its Foundation will keep the community informed of the Challenge’s progress and of the donation pledges coming in. Already, as the Biodiversity Challenge is launched, no less than six donors have pledged a gift of $0.01 per observation collected, up to a maximum gift of $1,000 each!

An observation submitted to the Biodiversity Challenge represents a moment when someone takes time to connect to nature, and to nurture life. A donation to the Foundation’s new Environment – Health Fund to honor that moment is certainly a very concrete way to say, “everything will be all right”.