Sharing and
inhabiting space

Our cities resemble mega construction sites. With several major projects being developed in the next five years, Space for Life will not escape the impact of having its own construction sites:

  • Biodôme Migration
  • Insectarium Metamorphosis
  • Pathway to Phytotechnologies

As a result of a Design Montréal competition, unique construction site modules will enable Space for Life to:

  • Inform visitors about current and up-coming projects and construction sites.
  • Reduce feelings of insecurity when walking through building sites.
  • Avoid the perception of walking through a location that is not up to Space for Life’s usual standards, causing the person to leave the grounds before discovering the wonders around them.
  • Offer alternative routes to get from one place to another.
  • Suggest other sites to visit if the one of interest is under construction.

The construction modules are made possible thanks to a generous gift from: