The Jérôme-Brisson-Curadeau Bursary Fund

   Space for Life ice canoeing team

Late 2015, employees found the first Space for Life competitive sports team. Their particular sport: ice canoeing. Popularized at the Québec Winter Carnival, the activity demands considerable endurance and rock-solid team spirit. Through the Jérôme-Brisson-Curadeau Bursary Fund, our efforts made during official competitions of the Circuit québécois de canot à glace will serve to raise funds for children from underprivileged backgrounds so that they can enjoy unforgettable moments at a Space for Life summer camp. Races details



What if exploring Space for Life transforms the life of a child?

All young science buffs dream of exploring the Biodôme, the Botanical Garden, the Insectarium and the Planetarium Rio Tinto Alcan. Unfortunately, many underprivileged children do not have the opportunity to do so.

Making dreams come true is what the Jérôme-Brisson-Curadeau Bursary Fund is all about. Thanks to the Fund, these children can participate free of charge in the Space for Life summer camp of their choice.  Who knows, this might be the spark they need to transform an interest in natural sciences into the passionate journey explored by Frère Marie-Victorin, Hubert Reeves and Jane Goodall.

Our objective for 2016 and 2017 Bourse

Ten underprivileged children will have a fun learning experience in one of Space for Life’s 2016 summer camps thanks to funds raised in 2015. We hope to double that number for the 2017 summer camps, in collaboration with Space for Life’s newly created ice canoe team… and your generous gift.

100% of your donation will be allocated to the Jérôme-Brisson-Curadeau Bursary Fund. Thank you for helping us to transform the lives of children by providing a natural oasis. Jérôme would have appreciated it.

How to Contribute

  • Donating online is easy and secure.  Click here  to donate online with Visa or MasterCard.

  • A written form is also efficient.  Click here to print your donation form.

  • Cash is always welcome. Thank you for donating cash directly to a member of the Space for Life Foundation.  Be sure to ask for a temporary receipt.

  • Organizing an event… a great way to make friends while raising funds for a good cause!  You can organize an event and donate the proceeds to the Space for Life Foudnation for the Jérome-Brisson-Curadeau Bursary Fund.

  • Donating directly from your paycheck… fast and simple. If you work for the City of Montreal and have a email address, you can take advantage of the employee campaign that runs from May 20 to June 16. The Bureau de campagne de financement will send you a link with your name and employee number via the City’s Intranet. If you miss it, a follow-up email will be sent on June 10th.

For information : 

Space for Life Foundation (Located at the Botanical Garden)  -  Johanne McDonald  -  Executive Director  -  514-872-6956 
Campaign Patron  -   Manon Curadeau  -  514-868-3261