The Jérôme Brisson-Curadeau bursary fund

Remembering Jérôme (1990-2000)

Jérôme Brisson-Curadeau, age 10
Jérôme Brisson-Curadeau was born in 1990. He was the son of Manon Curadeau, a scientific interpreter at the Biodôme and Jacques Brisson, a researcher at the Botanical Garden. At age 10, Jérôme died after being bitten by a rabid bat. This tragic event deeply affected all our employees, who decided to do something to support their colleagues. They collected donations and created the Jérôme Brisson-Curadeau bursary fund, as a way of sharing Jérôme’s love of nature with other young people. You can listen to Manon and Jacques speaking about Jérôme and their hopes in this video (in French only).

Learn more about the story of Jérôme and his tree in the video.

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