2015 Annual campaign

Are you concerned about the future of your planet?

Here's an easy way for you to make a concrete contribution to conserving and protecting our environment for current and future generations.

Because you care about your environment, you are open to public interest announcements involving sustainable development and biodiversity conservation. Scientific research having made us all more aware of the earth's rapidly declining state of health, it becomes imperative for us, both individually and collectively, to strive to ensure a better future for our planet, ourselves, and our children.

©Insectarium de Montréal, René Limoges©Insectarium de Montréal, René Limoges

The Space for Life are popular attractions. Like almost 2 million visitors a year, you have probably visited the Biodôme, Insectarium, Botanical Garden or Planetarium. These scientific institutions, jewels of our heritage whose reputation extends well beyond the City of Montréal and our borders, form the largest natural science museum complex in Canada. The Montréal Space for Life provide a window onto nature, its beauty, and its secrets, underscoring its vital importance. The dedicated experts working in the four institutions make an essential contribution to the advancement of natural science and scientific literacy, raising visitors' interest in the environment, sustainable development, and biodiversity conservation.

© Jardin botanique de Montréal, Michel Tremblay© Jardin botanique de Montréal, Michel Tremblay

The Space for Life Foundation has taken on the mission of supporting the educational, conservation and research activities of Espace pour la vie museums, raising funds to allow them to carry out priority development projects. For example, we have established a partnership with Rio Tinto Alcan, which resulted in a $4 million contribution for the construction of the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium near the Biodôme.

©Biodôme de Montréal, Pascale-Anouk Rivest Gadbois©Biodôme de Montréal, Pascale-Anouk Rivest Gadbois

And, most importantly, we are responsible for the 2015 fundraising campaign. Without you, it would be impossible to carry out our mission or to consolidate the leadership of this museum complex that is today the biggest in Canada, in terms of research, education, diversity, and number of visitors from Montréal and the world over. We call on your generosity and commitment. Your support for the Space for Life Foundation is a concrete, tangible way of improving our planet's chances for survival through awareness-raising and research. Thank you in advance for your support and contribution!

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